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Chiropractic Solutions

Hey, Dr. Dave Moore here.

17 years ago I was struggling with my work-life balance and felt completely overwhelmed with my practice…

But then I took a 3-day seminar hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo that completely changed my life…

Dr. Gentempo walked us through a series of conversations over the course of the weekend, challenging our thought processes and explaining the five branches of philosophy through the lens of chiropractic.

I found the original footage from that seminar and have edited them into a 9-part series that I’m going to share with you over the next few weeks. The intention of this series is to get you thinking about designing your future around a clear and intentional purpose.

Dive in below!

Video #1: Intro to Philosophy
Video #2: Metaphysics 101
Video #3: Medical Philosophy
Video #4: Chiropractic Philosophy
Video #5: Ethics
Video #6: Applying Ethics to Your Business
Video #7: Healer or Technician?
Video #8: The Value of an Adjustment
Video #9: Philosophy, Who Needs It?
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