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Dr. Patrick Gentempo Interviews Headspace Guru Michael Bernoff

Michael Bernoff is considered one of the world’s leading thinkers and presenters in the realm of personal growth and success. His unique perspectives are life-changing. Check out this power-packed interview and walk away with immediately actionable ideas.

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Reactivate! Dr. Patrick Gentempo Interviews Dr. Brad Glowaki

For chiropractic practice, even though there is a lot of uncertainty during the COVID-19 quarantine phase, one thing is sure… people need care now more than ever. And DCs should be planning to reactivate their patients to jump start their practice into this new world. In this interview, Dr. Brad Glowaki explains exactly how he is going to do it.

Dr. Gentempo interviews Dr. Stephen Franson

Dr. Stephen, founder of The Remarkable Practice, is renowned for this expertise in coaching DCs to success with structure and systems. In the COVID world, there are radically new considerations that every chiropractic must address. In this interview, deep and actionable insights are shared.

Money Revealed

Dive in as 36 self-made millionaires reveal why the rich keep getting richer.