Discover a New Approach To Success, Fulfillment, and Living Your Best Life…

…without the hustle, grind, or guilt

Join Patrick & Laurie Gentempo for 90 Minute Immersion Into Their Transformational Approach to Living Your Dream Life NOW

It Started With An Awkward Dinner Conversation

One year, we had our annual end-of-the-year dinner date. 

Usually, we would discuss what we wanted to focus on, map our goals, and dig into timelines and action plans for the year ahead. 

Only this year… something was off. 

Instead of excitement, we felt dread. We felt stale. It felt awkward.

Laurie voiced what we both felt…

“I don’t want to do this. I’m tired of planning the heck out of our life.”

We were successful by every measure. We had achieved so many of our goals… 

…but life had lost its spark

We hardly had space to breathe.

We decided right there in the restaurant to experiment with a new approach to life. 

What happened next was nothing short of magic:

So What is the Magic Carpet Ride Enrichment Experience?

This is a 90 minute immersion into the exact process we used to transform our lives.

It’s a way of living that turns the whole concept of “goals” upside down. It opens you to greater joy, fulfillment, and connection in life.

The key is finding a balance between “making” something happen and allowing for something even better than you could have planned on your own.

It’s about creating space for the intelligence of life to guide you through a magical journey through life beyond expectations.

Plus special guest Dr. Zach Bush

Joining us is our close personal friend, the incredible Dr. Zach Bush.

Zach is a triple board-certified medical doctor who has become an international rock star in personal and planetary healing. His contributions to bringing awareness and solutions to regenerative farming and also regenerating the human microbiome have been ground-breaking.

If anyone has lived a “Magic Carpet Ride” life, it’s him.

Letting go of his prestigious career as a doctor, he now flies all over the world, going on safaris in Africa, adventures in the Amazon rainforest, and meeting with gurus in India.

He’ll be sharing his own personal frameworks for letting go living a life of greater love, fulfillment, and magic.

Is the Magic Carpet Ride for you?

This is an experience for anyone who wants to live life on their own terms.
It’s for people who want to do great things they love.
It’s for those of us who refuse to compromise our values, relationships, dreams, or family time in pursuit of our goals.

If that’s you, keep reading.

Here's What We'll Cover:

Magic Carpet Ride Philosophy

  • Reframing Success
  • Transcending the Cult of Sacrifice
  • Being vs. Doing
  • Intention vs. Goals: Understanding Power versus Force
  • Releasing Control: Let the Magic Carpet Take the Lead
  • Inviting the Magic In: Create Space for the Miraculous


  • Who You Choose to Be: Manifesting Through Identity
  • “Who you are determines how well what you do works.”
  • The Identity Paradox: You On the Inside and You the Observer
  • Choosing Your Sense of Identity versus a Default Identity
  • Building Your Identity through Values and Purpose

Make-Let Paradox

  • What is the Make/Let Paradox?
  • Balancing ‘Making’ and ‘Letting’ in Life
  • Knowing When to Act and When to Allow
  • Practicing MCR: Insight into Recognizing Life’s Signals

Letting Go to Rise

  • The Infinite Dark Silo and the Rope Metaphor
  • Thoughts Have No Gravity: It Starts in the Mind
  • Letting Go of the Past and Your Identity That is Attached to It.
  • Techniques for Letting Go: Practical Steps Toward Weightlessness

Dreamscape: Stepping onto the Magic Carpet Ride

  • Dreamscape: Crafting an Inspired Life
    • Guided Dreamscape Exercise: Envisioning Your Ideal Existence
    • Developing a Compelling Life Narrative
  • DayDream: Integrating Vision into Daily Routines
    • Constructing a Daily Practice Reflective of Your Dreams
    • Real-life Stories: From Daily Actions to Big Visions
  • The Beauty Premise
    • Reconceptualizing the Essence of Creation
    • The Human Endeavor: Witnessing Beauty in All Aspects of Life
    • Aligning with the Aesthetic of Existence

Closing and Q&A Session

  • Get your questions personally answered live by Patrick, Laurie and Zach
  • Words Have Frequency. Get Very Precise with Your Language.
  • Final Thoughts and Encouragement for the Journey Ahead
  • How to Continue Riding the Magic Carpet Beyond the Masterclass

What’s the result of the Magic Carpet Ride?

Simple: you LOVE your life

Not because the words sound nice…

…because you genuinely, deeply feel it.

Our vision for YOU is a life where…

  • Your personal relationships thrive
  • You have balance between action, rest, reflection, and dreaming
  • Struggle is replaced by creative inspiration
  • Scatteredness, frustration, and burnout are a thing of the past
  • You feel more alive than ever
  • You adapt to change, resilience is effortless, elevation is your default setting

The Details

Date: Saturday, January 20th, 2024

Time: 1pm Pacific / 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern

Location: Private Livestream

Duration: 90 minutes

Fee: $10 (donated to charity)


Your $10 registration fee goes to the Gentempo Family Foundation. This is our own non-profit, so you can be sure that the funds are used ethically and effectively.

We highly recommend attending live. There’s power in going through the experience with a supportive group.

However, we recognize not everyone can make that time, so to accommodate that, we will be sending out the recording shortly after the live class. (it may take a couple days for video processing)

The only requirement is that you show up with an open mind and heart. We also recommend bringing a notebook and pen for notes and visioning exercises.

Please reach out! Our support team is happy to assist. Just email us at [email protected]

You’ve sacrificed enough. Let’s try something new for 2024.

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