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Taking a clear, committed, and powerful stand is the most critical thing you can do to become even more effective and successful than you are today. Your stand must be based on your philosophy, core values, vision, and statement of purpose, and they must be in sync so they create synergy. It’s this synergy that will supercharge your growth in business, and in your personal life.

"Get it, read it, and apply it right now. It may be the best thing you do this year."

“Like completing an Ironman triathlon for your mind-set and success.”

"Patrick understands this better than anyone. YOUR STAND IS YOUR BRAND is about bringing that message into the world."

“I highly recommend it.”

"If you care about anything in your life, your business, or your planet, read this book now.”

“Patrick Gentempo argues persuasively that social idealism is steroids for entrepreneurial accomplishment.”

“It’s a must read.”

What could you be doing right now that would make your business or personal life better?

It’s absurd… when asked, everybody knows the answer. Everybody.

The deeper question is, why aren’t you doing what you know?

I mean… you are here right now, you are reading this page, and you know you want to make something better happen for you in your business or your personal life.

Are you ready to remove the blocks and make it happen this time?

What I am about to reveal will be pivotal for you…

It will change your life.

To unblock what has been in your way… you must realize that you’ve been focused on what to do instead of who to be.
“Patrick Gentempo shares wisdom earned from decades of experience that uniquely aids entrepreneurs and business leaders to create thriving businesses that have a positive impact on the world. I highly recommend it.”
John Mackey, Co-founder & CEO of Whole Foods

Where do breakthroughs come from?

They come from the synergy of aligning your values, beliefs, and premises in all areas of your life. This book is the practical use of a tool of achievement of a tool called philosophy.

“Everyone has a philosophy, the only question is whether they know it or not.”

In today’s polarized culture, all entrepreneurs and business executives need to recognize that trying to stay in the middle of the road in an attempt to appeal to as wide an audience as possible is a recipe for failure.

Taking a clear, committed, and powerful stand is the most critical thing you can do to become even more effective and successful than you are today.

YOUR STAND IS YOUR BRAND introduces the innovative 5- P Expansion Sequence, which organizes and aligns the key attributes that are the soul of your business. You’ll learn why tens of thousands of business owners have studied this breakthrough process that gets you to success in a new-to-the-world way

You need to take a stand.
I’ll show you how.

– Patrick

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